I keep doing this

I went to a seminar the other day about figuring out what your dreams are and at least in the preliminary get together, the techniques mentioned are things I already do?

I just went to one of my favorite organization sites and she had a post about how with as busy as we all are we need to do a “it HAS to be done” cleaning list, and that’s it.

New from both were these:

“Only let yourself quit for one day.” I’d agree to that if it wasn’t for the PTSD. I quit when things lean on it and get going again after that. But if I didn’t have PTSD, then that would sure work!

“Get everyone in the family a list to do.” Hmm. Never thought about trying to get my roommate to do some designated cleaning chore or the other every day. He does some without prompting, I figured that was enough. Hmm.

I have the same problem with advice about being frugal: I’ve been working on frugality so long that I rarely find anything new.

Getting old isn’t what it’s cracked up to be! Wise? I’m supposed to be wise ‘eh? I don’t want to be wise, I want to get through the chores I need to, get the work done I need to and cherish my life, time, home, and the people I love. But I also want to keep LEARNING so what’s up with that?




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