Effortless Landscaping and Sources

I forgot, yesterday we also got our first flowering daffs. 😀

The bulb bed is sprouting happily out there. The bulbs on the north side (thought I’d moved them all?) are also sprouting, as are the few still left by the south side of the house (including the ones that are blooming).

Good news is that the bulbs in the bulb yard are definitely spreading. Yay! The idea is to take an entire swathe off the lawn. Less to mow, less to weed, less maintenance. I also have day lily beds. One big one on the south side of the driveway and a smaller line of them on the north side. If enough light gets to them, they just sprout, bloom, and die back for the winter all on their own. They appreciate some fertilizer every year or two, but it isn’t necessary. I have decorative grasses and rugosa roses (in a small hedge) planted at the end of the driveway. Except for trimming the rugosas and fertilizing again, no maintenance. I have Vinca (the ground cover type) on the hill near the driveway.

One of my goals this year  is to buy the first of the no mow lawn plugs. The grasses in this mix only grow 6″ at their full height. No mowing required, ever. (I haven’t ordered them yet, I have to pay for the CSA first.) If I can successfully replace the lawns, then I will NOT need a mower at all. TOTAL WIN! No machine, no gas, no gardener, no time to maintain it. Yes, I imagine the grasses need fertilizing, especially as what’s under our lawn is sand and sand and sand — another reason I’m not just ripping it all out and replacing it. The soil that’s there is under the grass.

When we got this place 20+ years ago, if you took a shovel of dirt out of the lawn, it looked like a vanilla cake with chocolate glaze: white (sand) and a little brown on top, like 1/4″ (top soil). For 2 decades I’ve been trying to build top soil. The large quantity of sand that was trucked in for the septic and to build up the lot is one of the big reasons I can’t produce enough compost for our needs: the nutrients just trickle out through the sand.

So, to replace the lawn I do NOT want to scrape up the current grass and the attendant top soil! I want to mulch the current grass and plant the new stuff on top, or intersperse the new into the old plants and weed out the old plants as the new stuff spreads. Yes, this will take longer, but I won’t lose 20 years of top soil with it.

I want to plant blue-eyed grass and more wild violets on the north side of the house and let them naturalize too. Again, no maintenance required. Both are naturally occurring wildflowers here, but they don’t show up in enough quantity to cover the area I’d like them to or to choke out the grass. That’s another order too.

No mow grass seed is available here. I thought they sold plugs of this stuff. Oh well!


Blue-Eyed Grass Seed/Plants


Wild Violet




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