New Me?

I’ve been working on my appearance.  I’d worked far too long for myself and gotten sloppy. If I’m going to take the new sales/writing gigs I have seriously, then I needed to treat them like “work” and dress appropriately.

I know folks who fuss over their looks for themselves. I gave up on that years ago. I will never satisfy myself with my looks, it’s a slippery slope I never conquer. Most of the time, I settled for being “neat” and “not offensive.” That’s fine, when the person I’m working for is me, but not when someone else is paying money for my time/efforts.

This is further complicated by:

  • It’s winter still which means big jackets, and my winter coat is inadequate.  I was borrowing DH’s old down coat. Toasty warm, but literally tattered and of course it’s too big.

There’s a foot or more of snow here, don’t tell me about calendars and equinoxes! It’s winter until mud season at least, that means almost no snow. And yes, I  keep trying to make weeks start on Monday too — I’m contrary.

  • Many of the work clothes I had were bought for working in the Mojave desert, a beach town or Florida.I’ve “outgrown” many of my old work clothes, the few I still have. They’re too small or I’m too big, whatever — they don’t fit any more.

The “French Dressing” purge deleted most of the maybe clothes as “not good enough.”

I was wearing 1 pair of jeans or 1 green pair of green pants that could be worn with leggings/stretch pants/longjohns underneath. The green pants were the only “good” pants I owned.

  • I’m “cheap” or “frugal” or whatever you want to call it. I don’t like spending money on clothes.

However, this past week or two, I’ve bought quite a few pieces of clothing etc.

  1. a pair of pants,
  2. a lightweight jacket,
  3. a “winter” jacket,
  4. a pair of earrings,
  5. 2 cardigans,
  6. new make up,
  7. 2 shirts
  8. a pair of shoes
  9. I got my hair trimmed,

The hair cut, shoes and the earrings are the only pieces that cost > $20. The pants/jackets were used, the 2 cardigans & 2 shirts were < $10 each at Penny’s and I had a 25% off coupon. I think I’ve spent right around $65 for everything, except the hair cut (40), shoes (50) and the earrings (22).

I felt like I’d been completely irresponsible, but looking at that list? No I don’t think I have. I did all of that for < $200.

The downside is that this means I need to purge at least 7 pieces of clothing. That will be pretty hard. After the French Dressing purge, I’ve kept tossing things that don’t work. Around 2-4 pieces every month. Finding clothes to purge to offset the purchases  isn’t going to be that easy! DH did another small purge on his closet, which helps, but the new clothes aren’t his, so I’ve got to get rid of more stuff, sigh.

Don’t I always?


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