Wardrobe Quest and Moving Stuff

The Great Wardrobe Quest I think is solved, maybe. In our budget and within the size constraints, we can buy wardrobes from a local unfinished furniture place, painted. I had looked at these earlier in the process, but the same pieces, unfinished are as much as cheap antique ones and of course, not made as well. I was willing to pay that kind of price for “real” stuff, solid wood, not pine, hand-made, but not modernly manufactured out of pine and made God knows how? However, the price is something like $100 cheaper if you buy them painted. Not sure why except maybe they can use crappier wood?

We’ve decided the new wall also means a new floor, 100+ square feet of it, which isn’t going to be cheap, alas. But that will start us down the road to the rest of the bedroom rehab, which will be a GOOD thing!

One item we bought at that Sunday auction was a piece of kitchen equipment, and it needs a largish piece of counter to sit on — no way to put this one on a wall, or at least not without a lot more planning and reorganization! DH has been working on rehabbing it, cleaning it up, putting new feet on it, etc. so it’s ready to be used now, almost. All I have to do is find a place to put it!

One item slated to go to the flea market (4/5) and/or the new booth is our antique oak dining room table, presently stored in the kitchen, in the “dead” corner. So, instead of going to the gallery opening with DH as originally planned, I’m going to stay home and redo the kitchen storage wall, try to free up both tables, and  other general clean up/move around/get it ready to get it OUTTA here stuff. Needs to happen. I’ll finish up this post this afternoon/evening when I’m done. (10:30 a.m.)

12:31 Box wall is dismantled. The new machine will go on the wall nearest the laundry room. In order to make this happen 3 of the 5 boxes need to be moved. I think 1 of them will become the bottom 2 shelves in the laundry room by the end of the day. The others will be used, maybe, if there’s room. Big problem is that I really can’t haul the new machine around, it’s too bulky. The weight I could probably manage, but the thing isn’t small . . . .

1:19 The bottom 2 boxes are back up with a hole for the new machine, its two detachable pieces as well as the food processor, its bulkier attachments, the dehydrator and the crock pot. I kept the 2 apparently sturdiest boxes for the bottom. One of them was downright flimsy, another a bit. I need to put things back together a bit more before I dismantle the other side in the kitchen or take down the shelf in the laundry. Too much stuff displaced at once makes it impossible to put anything away! As I was taking things down from the wall, I sorted them into two categories: things we use, things we don’t. The “don’t” stuff is almost all things I want to keep, I’ve edited this wall down several times already, but the stuff (a few vases and asst. other pieces) may wind up in the attic in a box rather than out in the kitchen/dining area.

1:41 All the books are out of one side of the book boxes under the counter. Sorted them into: these do not belong here (some of DH’s books, some crafting mostly) and frugal tips, frugal housewifery, historical cooking (doesn’t belong here), frugal cooking, frugal decorating and mixed frugal titles: tips with cooking, frugal decorating with shopping hints, etc. Next task is to pull the two book boxes out and vacuum where they have been for over a year. I’m sure the area needs cleaning!

5:03 The books are back in the boxes. They are sorted into: misfiled, books to sell or donate, and books that were put back were sorted by categories. You’d think I had a library or something! Time to go put the rest of the room back together!

5:37: Crunch Time! All the “it has to be there” stuff is put away. The rest of it needs to be sorted into use/store it elsewhere or out it goes!


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