Preventing the Mess?

We have confirmed that our bedroom is large enough to add the wall we’ve been thinking about.

I got a quote from a local lumberyard for materials for both  the living room bookcases as well as materials for the wall.

One persistent problem here is that I can’t put my books away. This means when I unpack a box, whether the books are mine or stock, I have no dedicated place(s) to put such things. The mod. we’re talking about will not only give us a place to put out of season clothes and a dedicated linen closet, but it will give us a wall for bookcases too. I’ll be able to put at least some of my books away, in a permanent home. Huzzah! That hasn’t happened, except with some craft books, for a long time.

There’s definitely fewer books and boxes here than previously. It used to be that a large chunk of the living room (> 1/2!) and a large part of the kitchen were taken up with boxes of books.

I’m doing things differently than I used to as well. Example: I went to a sale, bought 3 boxes of books. Pulled the few I wanted to keep/sell individually, then took the remaining books (still 3 boxes) to a colleague. He bought what he wanted. I made a small profit and donated the remaining books (2 boxes) — that afternoon. I think I kept 8 or 10? Previously, I would have kept at least 1/2 of them — not anymore!

We went to an auction last Sunday. I got the 3 pieces I wanted, (2 of which  are priced and up for sale already). We also got a large crate and a few other items. The crate is going to become the “out” box.

DH will make dividers for it. Things going to place A will go in one section, place B in another. The crate is heavy duty and lidded.  Items going away  can be sorted into it and the mess concealed — YEAH!

Now, things to “go away” become piles, by the front door and elsewhere. Hopefully, the crate will solve THAT problem and not be so inconvenient that I won’t use it. I’ve found much of the problem isn’t so much deciding to cull stuff as the fact that when I do, it just becomes a different mess. Hopefully, the crate will solve part of that problem.

The great wardrobe safari continues!

We’re looking for wardrobes/amoires. Found a wonderful one, but it would block almost all the light from the big window and block two corners of the room. Beautiful piece, reasonably priced for what it is, but way too big. Another, also really nice, is about 1/2 the price of the first, but still too pricey and too big. A few others, which probably would have fit the budget were just ugly. Another one or two were the right sort of size, too much money, or in lousy condition. We’re being fussy!

We’re entitled, it’s our house and money, right?

I ordered and received most of my seeds for this year’s veggie garden. Spring may eventually get here, although you can’t prove it right now — it’s snowing!


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