Bedroom Progress 3/2014 post 1

I found a place to put the cards, pockets etc. that I bought for my version of a hipster pda away — so that’s good. I also finished the necklace rack: 1 old drawer front, 7 thread spools, 7 pieces of old hardware to hold them down with screws, an old lock hasp, 3 screws to anchor that, and a cup hook to hang it from.

Done! (Except the cup hook is shiny brass and I want it to be black or antiquey brass, like the other hardware, and that’s a detail!)

Two days ago I made up a “pinboard” or some such from 2 wrought iron shelves (go with a bookcase I’ve got but there’s nowhere to put them, 4 cork tiles, a card of colored mini clothes pins, and some push pins. Hung that with 4old spools and hardware too. Instead of the demilune table I was looking for, I used a backless old crate we had and  another drawer front underneath the lantern I moved there (old light fixture + sconce).

It’s getting there!


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