No patience. . . AND the dark pit

Okay. I belong to at least 6, probably more, “frugal shopping” sites. One of these lists sales for local grocery stores. I just quit them, for the 2nd or 3rd time because they spend a lot of time on making things “pretty” and do dumb shit things like list 24 bottles of water at store A for $3.00 and store B, different brand, 24 12 oz bottles for $3.75. Since you don’t know how big the first item is, you can’t compare them, except on price. Essentially, you can’t compare them.

I don’t understand how people can spend a lot of time & energy to upgrade a UI for a “we’ll help you save $” site and miss that they’re asking you to compare apples & oranges. I don’t expect them to do it for me, but I do expect them to understand that one bottle can be 24 oz and the other 64 — and that affects the price per unit!

(End of rant.)

Of course, I was impatient already. Why? Because I started dealing with the dark pit in the bedroom this afternoon. Great gobs of dust came off the top of the bookshelf. Everything got removed, was dusted and the top of the shelf was dusted as well as that corner of the ceiling, the walls, etc. Then I put something new up there which needed to be stored. Great!

My nose was starting to go nutz, so I stopped. I need to get the bookcase cleared off and cleaned so I can swap it out with the other one. I also need to get rid of almost everything IN that bookcase. I haven’t looked at most of it for more than 10 years. Except for one book — I’ve regretted selling the two other copies — and there’s one in this bookcase. Yeah! But aside from that one book, I doubt I’ll keep any of it.

My heirs are no doubt singing my praises, but that corner is going to take a few days of effort and lots of fortitude!


2 responses to “No patience. . . AND the dark pit

  1. Get a dust mask and go at it! Good for you! I have similar work to do in my bedroom…

    • I’ve got a dust mask and was using it yesterday too, but I’m so dust sensitive that even with a mask it gets to me. Well, girlfriend, go get your corner and I’ll continue with mine! We do b’fast in a couple of weeks maybe?


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