Back to Everyday Life, Except that It’s Never Everyday Life . . . .

DH & I got one more of the bedroom curtain rods up and the curtain with it of course!

I added a request in a local online group I’m in, for one armoire, or maybe two. Said I’d pay a finder’s fee — and I will, if I find one that I like the price!

I need some pieces I don’t have for the last curtain rod. Need to clean the “dirt pit” in the corner of the room that I hadn’t tackled just before I got sick. Still not quite all well and the idea of tackling the cleaning/sorting etc. required in that bookcase & corner is NOT something I’m looking forward to! Right now, I’ll give it a pass.Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after –when I stop coughing up crud.

But the curtain thing means we used 1 curtain, 1 dowel, 2 plumbing bits, 2 toy pieces and 4 pieces of hardware. I had a file folder on the bed for work. forms, a check, etc. DH put the tape measure down on it, slightly open. It closed. Every piece of paper from the file, one at a time mind you, shot out over the edge of the bed and settled to the floor. Looked like a Esther Williams movie aquatic dance thing, absolutely in sync. We both watched it happen.

He looked up at me and said, grinning,  “I planned that you know.”

I sneered, “Yah, right!” very skeptically and picked up my paperwork.

It was one of those completely spontaneous tiny things you  couldn’t have planned if you wanted to, but I may never forget it!

Everyday life is what you make it, and sometimes, the tiny things in the life you make are  exceptional.

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