Two Posts for the Price of One or I Have a Weird Mind!

Earlier today I wrote this Post and called it Angry, Fed Up and ?

I am TIRED of being overwhelmed. I’m FED UP with cleaning,  culling,  cleaning, culling,  cleaning and it’s not done . . .

I want to


and throw things. Of course, I won’t — it would just make more mess.

But sometimes? Sometimes, I HATE my life!


Then DH and I took down the shelf on my side of the bed, had dinner, washed the dishes and I fixed the it-feels-like the 1,000th problem with the current article  for work. . . .

Later, I looked, for some reason at “word art” and didn’t find anything I really, really loved. I have one idea for something to do for DH, but wanted something nifty for a card or such.

Aha! A brainstorm! If I get it done AND I do it well enough I’ll show someone else, I’ll post a pic. Since the husband never reads this, I think I’m safe that way and it’s only just over a week away!

Between cleaning the dishes, working on the next step for the bedroom and the creative burst of energy from the Valentine’s idea, aside from being tired, I’m just fine — thank you very much!

And I say I “used to” have mood swings. I guess I still have them, ‘eh? I just normally don’t let other people see them any more (I was outta control a lot as a kid and young adult).



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