What I do & don’t want this year

I do want

  1.   a clean house
  2.   to get to where the house and its cleanliness (or not) is NOT an issue
  3.   to finish the memoir
  4. the storage units gone
  5. get involved with some kind of community something
  6. get the new anthology done

I don’t want

  1. to feel unsafe
  2. to count stuff in or out
  3. apologize for my home, my taste, or much of my life anymore
  4. lose money in my jobs
  5. to be out of shape
  6. to not be creative

What I really want is #2 on the DO list. That would cover about 5 of the 12 things listed. I want to successfully work on and finish the projects I’m committed to now (memoir, new book, new job). Finally, I want to be healthier (give back to my community, feel safer, be physically fit, unapologetic and creative).


House clean/nonissue

Work profitable/successful

Health better physically/emotionally

No absolutes, except the jobs, which require them.

Well, the house being “clean” is an absolute, but there’s 10,000 shades of gray in what a “clean” house is. Mine right now would be a house without misc. stuff stored in it, in boxes. Of course that doesn’t actually mean the house is clean at all, just less clutter.

Okay, that’s my next concrete goal: no more boxes stored IN the house. I will exempt the attic, closets and current work. (Can’t process the stuff if I don’t have it) Interesting idea! I wonder how long it would take me to do this? If I was just pitching boxes & their contents, it would take about 2 days. But of course, that isn’t what’s happening.

Whirrrrrrrrrrr/click/clICK/CLANK (wheels going ’round)

I’ll think on it!


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