The History of Denim Strips

The denim strips I’ve been turning into decorations (hearts) have been in my life oh for more than 10 years now. Originally, they were legs cut off of jeans to make shorts by the seamstress for a fellow I knew. He sold jeans and denim shorts at a flea market where I had a booth. I took the trash bag full of denim leg pieces and had no idea wtf I was going to do with them. Years later, I decided to turn them into a rug.

The first attempt didn’t work. (1)

I gave them to someone else to turn into a rug, which worked fine, except that it curled. The third time I tripped over it I stopped using it. (2)

Then I came up with a brilliant idea of how I was going to use them to make a different kind of rug. I took apart (2) and charged ahead — except that didn’t work either. (3)

I came up with yet another technique. And, since I have never dismantled (3), I started buying jeans at flea markets, picking them up at the swap shop at the dump, etc. btw, this one didn’t work either (4).

So, I have a LARGE box in the attic labelled “denim for rugs” which is probably uncut jeans and I had somewhere around 1,000 denim strips in the house, mostly still in failed rugs (3) and (4).

While this was going on, I kept trying to figure out how to finger weave a rug, no loom, no sewing, but never found one. Instead, I had figured out how to handweave hearts. Lately, what I’ve been doing is making those hearts for resale. If they don’t sell? Well, that’s too bad, I’ll scatter them around the house, use them as booth decorations or just toss them. Right now there’s two with felt backs (another failed idea) hanging on the front door. I really should remove the not-so-great felt backs, but  haven’t yet. I probably will — eventually.

Also, eventually, and sooner than later, I need to make up a tutorial for these or someone will buy them, undo one or two and post a tutorial for something that literally took me months to figure out. I’m not proud, but I do want credit for the many hours of  trial & error I did until I got it right!

Just so you know, I took apart rug (4) to make these. It doesn’t exist any more. Rug (3) is still here. My intention is to take that apart and make more hearts. I haven’t decided what to do about the box, yet.


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