Been sick

for most of the week. Next to nothing new has happened, except that I feel like I’m FINALLY ’round the corner and getting better. What did get done:

  1. I’ve got valentine-y things ready to go to the booth for sale. If I don’t get better soon, they’ll just have to go back into storage, sigh.
  2. I got an angel up on the wall in the bedroom, something I’d planned to do for a while.
  3. I added (need to be “finished” two of the dowels to the window that got done.
  4. I got together the pieces for making up the next 2 curtain rods.
  5. I got the next article to my boss,  which is good as our deadline for this issue is approaching fast.

That’s it. VERY nonproductive week.



2 responses to “Been sick

  1. Hope you continue to feel better. Take it easy. I think you’ve been quite productive considering that you have been sick.

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