More Progress

Tuesday I took many of the boxes in the bedroom and put them all in one tidy stack, well, two actually. There’s a few strays out and about, but not many.  (It’s amazing how large our bedroom feels!) Then I started cleaning the wall where the closets are. I got 4 closet doors dusted and waxed.

DH started culling his closets (He has more clothes that I do these days.)  I purged a bunch of mine, remember? (See the French Dressing post.) We have 9 clothing items definitely going away. Yay! Progress! This needs to be done again, several times. Also, I’m thinking maybe we’ll buy a wardrobe from Ikea or maybe at auction? Who knows? We have more than a closet section of sports-related clothes /equipment and there’s not enough room for all of it. I’d love to be able to put all of it in ONE place permanently. So that’s the goal for that.

Otherwise, we talked about buying metal rods to replace the wimpy copper wire I put up the valance with yesterday. When I found out the price, I vetoed the idea. Not bad, $20, but I have better things to do with $20 than buy 4 metal pieces that will just sit there. Dowels will work, and will almost certainly be cheaper, my guess is that they’ll cost around $5.

Our car is in the shop and it’s an expensive fix this time. The $15 I think I can save will help!

Today I haven’t done anything except lie in bed and feel awful. I have a cold, bleh. Well, this isn’t actually true, as I made a business-related call for my boss about 2 hours ago. But aside from that? I’ve eaten breakfast, had coffee, and read. NOT my most productive day so far.

I’ve decided I want a demilune table, floating or with a shelf between the closets. You’d think that would be easy, right? There’s 3 tons of demilune tables for sale out there. Almost uniformly, they’re too big, too expensive, made from particle board, or ugly. I think we’ll end up with a DIY because I haven’t seen anything I didn’t consider either a rip off (wood prices for probable particle board/plastic or veneer) or just ugly. I don’t mind paying for looks, but. . .  We have old table leaves etc. here I can get DH to cut to size. A demilune table is just a 1/2 circle after all. It won’t get me the shelf underneath, but that’s okay! I’ll have to start looking at the antique stores, etc.



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