More Bedroom Progress

If I was using the old terms, I’d say I’d done four reveals in the past few days: the floor behind the couch, the windows behind it, the wrought iron bed table, and the partial closet clean. The bedroom certainly isn’t clean, but it’s sure a LOT cleaner! Also, used are 1 tube, 4 mirrors,1 nail, 4 wall mounts, 3 plumbing fixtures, 6 screws, 2 dowels, 4 wood pieces, 1 package of curtains. Culled were at least 2 bins of paper, call it 100 pieces, about 4 pieces of clothing, and around 12 books. That would be: 4+1+4+1+4+3+6+2+4+1+100+4+12=146 items used or purged in the past 2 days.

The wall is spackled and the mirrors are up. They still need to be painted, but that will happen in the spring or summer. Also, I figured out how to hang the valance over the new curtain rod.

The curtain rods are also home made btw. And I may, or may not paint them too — haven’t decided!

The next steps are the valance and the new bedspread and the continued purging and culling. I need a piece of hardware for the valance. I need to sew stuff for the bedspread to be done.

I took the paper patterns of the mirrors, made sure they were labelled  and then rolled them up and put them in a tube I already had. The tube was made to store a collectible baseball bat, which it has never been used for. I used it previously to store rolled artwork. Last year or the year before I got that art at least matted if not framed. Because I do crafts and DH does art we both have love visual arts, and we’ve got a fair amount of it.

One other thing I want to do is put up one or more gallery walls, so we can regularly display some of the collection. Most of what we have isn’t valuable, just pleasing to us. DH knows how to put together frames. He does most of the framing around here. This saves us a bunch of money!

Matting and mounting can be time consuming, finicky and frustrating. We have done our own, but a friend who runs a frame shop and has a BIG mat cutting machine does most of it.

There’s a poster that will go up on the wall, a picture that came down, so that’s a net of 0 new things used on that. I have 7 more books to go away, but that’s about all that’s really new right now. I’m pretty tired after the last 2 days!

I need to start putting books up for sale again, I’ve got stacks of them around and that’s what will have to happen to make them go away. I’ve got a package to wrap, something a friend is going to sell for us, it needs to go out tomorrow a.m.




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