New Changes/New (old) Stuff

Okay. The accounting for the cleaning has gone awry, almost since the beginning of the year. I know where the tracking for the other stuff is, but the every day tracking pages are among the missing. I’m not surprised, it was TOO accountable for my PTSD. However, the 4 things HAVE become a habit and almost every day the dishes get washed, the food gets put away, the toilet gets swished with a brush and the sink gets a wipedown from my soapy hands.

Starting the next phase has gone exactly nowhere, sigh.

On the other hand, there’s progress of a sort. We had always planned a dual-use living room, partly for DH’s hobby use and partly as a living room. We’ve decided to just split the room in 2 and except for some storage, One 1/2 as a living room, and DH gets the other. When we get the excess stuff outta there, that will make life much easier!

I also have a plan for our bedroom, which includes making it smaller, adding a hallway with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. DH is skeptical, I think it will work. We have the new dressers, not in place, but we have them (Jamity’s Mom went with me to get them one day a while ago). Yesterday I bought mirrors to go over them in the “new” bedroom. DH just cleared off the table so I can trace around the mirrors and figure out where I want to hang them. (I’m going to make paper cutouts by tracing around the mirrors. Much easier to figure out placement with brown paper and painter’s tape than wood framed glass and nails!)

The old dresser, I’ve had since kidhood, is fine, attractive and functional, but frankly, I just want something DIFFERENT. Anyway, my plan is to slowly but surely pull, move etc. things over and around the bedroom so when/if this summer I say, “Let’s put a wall there.” DH, who at the moment is skeptical at best if not down right resistant to the idea, will at least entertain the idea. Right now he all but rolls his eyes — it’s another of her weird ideas!

This week, I made rugs from yarn. They’re multicolored, but not the blue of the rugs I wanted to buy. I will make rugs that color too, but I don’t have the yarn now. The rugs cost about $15 each in materials, so both of them together cost us a 1/3 of the price of theĀ  manufactured rugs would ($90). I like spending $30 for two rugs a lot more than $180 + shipping!

When things get a bit more pulled together, I’ll post an image.

In the past few days I’ve sold a metal tin, gave away a piece of office stuff, and sold 4 books, 3 magazines, and there’s 3 books, 1 pair of pants, and a few other items in the swap shop bin too. So it’s happening, just not as fast as I’d like!

Of course, today I bought a refrigerator bin and a few other odds & ends for resale too. So, I suppose the net out is probably around 0 unless I really g0 to town filling the swap shop/donation bins again!

Life is about normal here, you?


2 responses to “New Changes/New (old) Stuff

  1. Hey, what’s the hurry j? At least there’s progress, right? Did you crochet the rugs? Can’t wait to see! We’ve been busy busy! After thirty five years in the same place we finally got new countertops – we’ve had “french blue” formica countertops and wanted something different but not granite – our house is a reproduction of an historic house from the 1600’s, granite just wouldn’t look right. So, we got soapstone – they are beautiful! Just put in yesterday. Now we’ve got to repaint the bottom cabinets and it’ll be good to go. Oops – got to go help Pete! Have a great weekend – looking forward to our trip to look at shaker boxes!

    • Oh I envy you the new counter tops! I have a partial one we did years ago. Someone had bought a sample Corian sink from HD and it wouldn’t work in their space. Via craig’s list, we bought it, DH installed it and it works wonderfully. Not the best color (beige) but wtf, a Corian counter with an inset sink professionally made up for $100? Hey, I can live with beige, you bet!

      The bedroom project continued today. The paper blanks are taped to the wall where the mirrors will likely be, but they aren’t there yet. The bedroom got torn apart because of this and the other stuff I’m in the midst of doing there. I’ll post more in a bit, have a blog 1/2 written.

      btw, I have one of Suzanne’s books. I’m going to read it then get rid of it. (It’s one of her romances.) If you want to read it, I’ll bring it along when we do our shaker box adventure, you can read it and dispose of it as you see fit. Interested?


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