I’ve Been Looking for Tools

Along that line, I joined polyvore.com which is a site that lets you pick/choose things and put them in groups.

Okay. I’ve been trying to justify/align/? all of the differing colorways I like. I love certain bright blues/greens/teals, like the rugs, but I also am really fond of Chinese red or black accents and bright colors, as well as creamy sage, light yellow, pale blue — sort of pastel mint colors. The scheme I’ve come up with is to use multiple whites, creams, etc. — pale neutrals and then mix the others in and out as I want.  Polyvore did help me see that I could do that.

Polyvore.com seemed like the perfect answer for me, as I’m not visual. Except this is one of those weeks where things don’t seem to work. I had a bust of a week at work, nothing seemed to go well, fought with the wordpress software, and now, 15 days after I joined polyvore, the piece I’d spent an hour or more making a few days ago is gone — and I can’t seem to find the pieces I used to make it either.


 I think I’ll just stay home and quietly work on house projects. I have some things I have to do for work. Beyond that? I’ll just keep working on my planned future home, vegetable garden and the memoir. Putter. That’s what I’m going to do, putter. It may be the only thing I can do really well right now!

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