Two days ago, I was gone.

Yesterday I was gone much of the day. Didn’t get much done!

Today we went to the dump. I got rid of

a vase, a magazine rack, coloring book, vacuum cleaner & its hose, 3 other things I don’t remember (I counted at the dump!) 3 records, 2 saucers, 6 screws. Also unpacked a box of stuff, some of it office supplies from the shop, which resulted in 2 office supply consolidations. 1+1+1+2+3+3+2+6+2 = 21

There are in the to “go out/sell pile”: 2 marmalade jars with lids, 2 brown glass canisters, a large food storage container. DH sold two pieces today to friends. None of that gets counted until it’s actually gone.

I’ve used a 2nd skein of yarn.  DH is going to use a wooden bowl we hadn’t sold. I’m going to use a large aluminum container we’ve had.  I gave a metal hook and package of tape away Friday. Took the latest batch of processed books (14)  to be donated Saturday — put them in the market bin. 1+1+1+2+14 = 19



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