Major Progress!


We worked on the living room tonight. Got a metal decorative thing that’s been hanging around for years off the ground — yeah! The bookcase boxes got rearranged some, the new graphics table got cleaned off, well, the top of it did. The mess underneath is DH’s to deal with. The cast iron lamp also got cleaned and one of my pieces of art was put into a frame we had handy. It doesn’t exactly fit, but the artwork is up on the wall instead of languishing on top of the graphics table. Definite progress!

If I was counting, let’s see, it would be 3 reveals — corner of the living room, the microwave and the top of the graphics table. We used the new display stuff DH had bought, found a home for 2 pieces of fabric, the two pieces of artwork, used a frame, and deep cleaned the microwave. All in all it was a busy evening!

3+2+2+1 =8

Earlier today, I mailed off a box to a customer — that used 3 boxes, 3 mailers, 1 newspaper, 5 grocery bags, 1 sleeve, 1 card, mailing 7 books, with 7 dj protectors.

3+3+1+5+1+7+7= 27

So, today we culled, used or cleaned 35 pieces. Not enough to make the 39-40 pieces I’d have to get rid of, daily, to make the 2014*7 goal (14,098 pieces out) but pretty close! More, my house looks better than it used to AND there’s artwork on the walls that had been sitting around waiting to be put up for some time.


2 responses to “Major Progress!

  1. You are inspiring!

  2. Me, really? I dropped the ball in a major way last year, but thank you.

    It’s wonderful to hear from you, it’s been a long time. I hope your holidays were splendid and you’re well!


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