Starting Phase II, again

It’s obvious that indeed the four basic items have become habit. I decided absolutely this was true last night, when in sub-zero temps, after a warm bath, I went downstairs to wash dishes before going to bed. Previously, nothing short of having a gun pointed at me could have induced me to go into the coldest part of our house to wash dishes at 2 a.m., much less when it was -0 degrees outside!

So Phase II needs to start. When I’d tried this the first time, I panicked, again. The most urgent item on the Phase II list (walls, windows, doors, floors, and ceilings) is floors.

Figuring out how much/how many things I have to do is what caused the panic last time. I think I just need to start cleaning at least one floor a day. If that works for 30 days, I’ll add something else.

We’ll see how this goes!



One response to “Starting Phase II, again

  1. Not my best day today, lousy weather and feeling rather blah too, so all I did was use up 1+ balls of yarn and 2 pantry consalidation today. Like I said, not my best day. I did sweep the past 2 days, although I haven’t today. Not much progress, but some!

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