Thought Experiment

This was written originally just for myself. I emptied a large trunk in my office that was filled with cloth. One of the “collections” of cloth was a group of blue & white fabrics I’ve been saving to turn into curtains. It seemed like a good thing to just do some rough planning for this. If it wouldn’t work, then I could purge the fabrics. If it would, then I’d use the stuff and wouldn’t need to store it.

Name Weight Size Notes
No name skirt Light 30 x 32 10 buttons, 30.5 l w/out waistband
Lauren skirt Light 80 x 32 Some stains
Thin plaid fr Whist #1 Light 92 x 57
Thin plaid fr Whist #2 Light 96 x 54
Thin plaid fr Whist #3 Light 96 x 57 Color faded, stains
Big Block tblcl fr Fair. Med 64 x 47
Thanksgiving cloth Heavy 55 x 93.5
Blue/br plaid remnent Heavy 59 x 110 Will need hemming

The shortest lightweight piece is 32 inches, both skirts. I think the small window is 36 wide, the other two are double, with is 36 x 2 or 72.

How about using the skirts to make valences, horizontally instead of vertically. The no name skirt isn’t long enough to do that without piecing, but that can be done too. There are 1single window, 1 small window at the sink, and the double wide window in the dining area. I can use the buttons, I only need 6.

I don’t know how big a valence is supposed to be (long). It will make a difference! See below

Small window height 32.5 inside trim, 42 outside trim (edge to edge) 42/6 = 7” is how long the valence over the sink should be. Including a rod pocket and hem, that will be at least 8” or so. 32 (no name skirt) /8 = 4, if I use one panel for the small window, that leaves me with 3, ug. If I assume that the big windows are the same height, then I could use the no name skirt and make the valence for one double window, pieced. 30+30+12 = 72 x 8. I should have one 30” piece 8” wide and another partial piece, the waistband, buttons and pockets left over.

no name skirt pieces copy


Using the Lauren skirt for the other valence will be harder because of the staining. But it’s 80” wide ( and already partially dismantled). So it should only take one 8” strip for the 2nd double window, leaving the waistband and about 16” to use elsewhere.

That means, starting the curtains, I have one piece left over from the Lauren skirt and the two waistbands, pockets, the other piece and the buttons available too.

lauren piecing.

So I have 1 8” x 24” piece, 1 approx 8” x 30” piece of the no name, 1rather larger piece of the Lauren skirt

The two tablecloths which have color are both big enough to (I think, won’t know for sure until I actually measure) to do the two big windows. The faded one, even with the stains, is twice as big as I need for the small window.

This will use the first five items in the table above. What’s left from the lightweight fabric can be used for tie backs or just purged.

Unfortunately, none of this uses the medium or heavier fabric. I wanted to use ALL of it. If I do blinds too, then I can probably use the heavier fabrics, not quite all of them, but most.

We’ll see if the thought experiment works and becomes reality or not? This is how I spent part of Jan. 1, 2014; seems pretty productive to me for all that I’m still running around in my robe. [Hey, it’s a holiday!]

How did you start the year?


3 responses to “Thought Experiment

  1. I started the New Year taking care of my grandchildren, all three of them! We set up the crib in an upstairs bedroom and rearranged the other bedroom to fit the two twin beds in there – it was a tight fit but I like it. As it turned out the baby ended up sleeping in my bed, haha. It was the first sleepover for her, she’s almost two. She was so good though for the whole time. So, after they left my hubby and I sat by the fire and read – a pretty nice start to the new year I would say. Good luck with your curtains! I, too, have a lot of fabric stashed away, cottons and wools. Lots of ideas, now I have to start planning – you’ve inspired me! Thanks J! Happy New Year!

    • Happy new year to you too! The skirt soaked in prewash overnight and is currently in the dryer. We’ll see how it goes later. I’ve got errands to run out & about and need to beat the snow as much as I can!

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