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More Progress

Tuesday I took many of the boxes in the bedroom and put them all in one tidy stack, well, two actually. There’s a few strays out and about, but not many.  (It’s amazing how large our bedroom feels!) Then I started cleaning the wall where the closets are. I got 4 closet doors dusted and waxed.

DH started culling his closets (He has more clothes that I do these days.)  I purged a bunch of mine, remember? (See the French Dressing post.) We have 9 clothing items definitely going away. Yay! Progress! This needs to be done again, several times. Also, I’m thinking maybe we’ll buy a wardrobe from Ikea or maybe at auction? Who knows? We have more than a closet section of sports-related clothes /equipment and there’s not enough room for all of it. I’d love to be able to put all of it in ONE place permanently. So that’s the goal for that.

Otherwise, we talked about buying metal rods to replace the wimpy copper wire I put up the valance with yesterday. When I found out the price, I vetoed the idea. Not bad, $20, but I have better things to do with $20 than buy 4 metal pieces that will just sit there. Dowels will work, and will almost certainly be cheaper, my guess is that they’ll cost around $5.

Our car is in the shop and it’s an expensive fix this time. The $15 I think I can save will help!

Today I haven’t done anything except lie in bed and feel awful. I have a cold, bleh. Well, this isn’t actually true, as I made a business-related call for my boss about 2 hours ago. But aside from that? I’ve eaten breakfast, had coffee, and read. NOT my most productive day so far.

I’ve decided I want a demilune table, floating or with a shelf between the closets. You’d think that would be easy, right? There’s 3 tons of demilune tables for sale out there. Almost uniformly, they’re too big, too expensive, made from particle board, or ugly. I think we’ll end up with a DIY because I haven’t seen anything I didn’t consider either a rip off (wood prices for probable particle board/plastic or veneer) or just ugly. I don’t mind paying for looks, but. . .  We have old table leaves etc. here I can get DH to cut to size. A demilune table is just a 1/2 circle after all. It won’t get me the shelf underneath, but that’s okay! I’ll have to start looking at the antique stores, etc.


What the the curtains & napkins look like

The napkins are sort of like this. On the double window, there’s one curtain panel and 3 napkins on each window, hung so that they make a triangle, with the cutwork at the bottom.

[I stole the napkin image from Ebay, it isn’t mine, and I lay no claim to it. The curtain image is from Ikea, and I make no claim about owning that image either.]

scalloped napkin ideaThe curtains are Lill curtains from Ikea, and look like this:

ikea, lill curtainsThat’s what I did yesterday. Today? Today I got the closet doors fixed and I tightened up the boxes in the room. However, I made a huge mess doing this and have to go back and put things away again. I decided I couldn’t tackle the bookcase today, so I just tried to make the overall room tidier. There were boxes around almost all the edges and that’s not true now. The box stacks and various book stashes are more crowded,but there’s less general mess. Didn’t find much new to throw out, except a few reference books that are way outdated.

So, I”m off to go make dinner, then I’ll pull the room together. Have a good night!


The valance idea has run into several problems. When/if I get them worked out, I’ll let you know! My original idea was to stretch wire through eyebolts across the top of the hangers/rod. That could work, if you know in advance how big the window is and the exact placement of the eyebolts. I didn’t. In order to make that work, I’d have to completely disassemble the curtain rod and build the valance in place. I did most of that before I quit. I have a 2nd idea, and that is to use dowels between the eyebolts. If that works, then that’s what I’ll do, much easier! At the moment, there’s a piece of flat copper wire up there. That won’t work for a permanent solution, but the pieces up prove the concept. It isn’t ugly and although definitely feminine, I don’t think DH will mind — no waterfalls of lace, no pink everywhere, no cutesy animals with bows around their necks or tails or such. Definitely feminine and definitely romantic. However, I warned him and he has veto power!

Doing this required that I dig into and start to deal with one of the dust pits. There’s 3 empty artwork tubes, dusty, out in the snow along with a pop flat. I’m sneezing up a storm and need to go take a shower. However, I can absolutely claim this:2 pieces wire,  6 napkins (valance), 3 eye bolts used, 1 reveal (art storage),  4 boxes out. More cleaning accomplished too although that doesn’t count. 2+6+3+1+4=16 out or used

The curtain rod I took down in the dining room can be put back up. The window is a different size than the one upstairs where I’d intended to use it. I have another  gauzy curtain I can put on it temporarily, until I get the kitchen curtains made.

The probable next piece in the bedroom is to empty the corner bookcase. This will take several days, as it’s very dusty and I have not considered what to do with these books. For a long time, it was the case of books I thought I’d almost always keep. And, although that’s not true now (I sold all the really good stuff to help pay the shop’s bills.) what’s left are still pieces I thought would be in the collection forever.

The shower was wonderful and it’s 2:15 or so. I need some lunch!

More Bedroom Progress

If I was using the old terms, I’d say I’d done four reveals in the past few days: the floor behind the couch, the windows behind it, the wrought iron bed table, and the partial closet clean. The bedroom certainly isn’t clean, but it’s sure a LOT cleaner! Also, used are 1 tube, 4 mirrors,1 nail, 4 wall mounts, 3 plumbing fixtures, 6 screws, 2 dowels, 4 wood pieces, 1 package of curtains. Culled were at least 2 bins of paper, call it 100 pieces, about 4 pieces of clothing, and around 12 books. That would be: 4+1+4+1+4+3+6+2+4+1+100+4+12=146 items used or purged in the past 2 days.

The wall is spackled and the mirrors are up. They still need to be painted, but that will happen in the spring or summer. Also, I figured out how to hang the valance over the new curtain rod.

The curtain rods are also home made btw. And I may, or may not paint them too — haven’t decided!

The next steps are the valance and the new bedspread and the continued purging and culling. I need a piece of hardware for the valance. I need to sew stuff for the bedspread to be done.

I took the paper patterns of the mirrors, made sure they were labelled  and then rolled them up and put them in a tube I already had. The tube was made to store a collectible baseball bat, which it has never been used for. I used it previously to store rolled artwork. Last year or the year before I got that art at least matted if not framed. Because I do crafts and DH does art we both have love visual arts, and we’ve got a fair amount of it.

One other thing I want to do is put up one or more gallery walls, so we can regularly display some of the collection. Most of what we have isn’t valuable, just pleasing to us. DH knows how to put together frames. He does most of the framing around here. This saves us a bunch of money!

Matting and mounting can be time consuming, finicky and frustrating. We have done our own, but a friend who runs a frame shop and has a BIG mat cutting machine does most of it.

There’s a poster that will go up on the wall, a picture that came down, so that’s a net of 0 new things used on that. I have 7 more books to go away, but that’s about all that’s really new right now. I’m pretty tired after the last 2 days!

I need to start putting books up for sale again, I’ve got stacks of them around and that’s what will have to happen to make them go away. I’ve got a package to wrap, something a friend is going to sell for us, it needs to go out tomorrow a.m.



Bedroom Progress

Last night I cut blanks from masking paper to size around the new mirrors and a piece of art we already had. Today, DH took down the mirror over the dresser. In order to get the paper stuck to the wall, I had to lean over the dresser. This caused me to clean off the dresser, something which needed to happen anyway. In the process of that, I also cleaned under the bed table at the end of the bed and part of one of the closets. There’s a trashbag of paper, etc. to go away, a box full of papers to file/go through — not obvious trash, may need to be filed, or may need to be pitched, not sure — a tray and bin of craft supplies/projects, etc.

This whole effort of course completely trashed the bedroom. I’ve dusted the closet with DH’s help and cleaned under the bed table as I said, and that’s getting pulled together. I have 2 books to add to the swap shop bin right now, more will go before the dump run is made, later.

I went 1/2 through a box of business papers before I got fed up with sorting, culling, cleaning, etc. so most of that went away too. There’s definite progress, but it’s going to take 3-5 sessions like this before we are anywhere near where I want to be.

Other progress: we have an old quilt we bought at auction (it’s just white, not pieced and was cheap of course) that we finally got it cleaned, it looks great! My “vision” for the bedroom is white, cream, off-white covers and valances on the windows with gauzy curtains and other stuff with color. The room is painted white now, except where it’s wood and that may change, but it will be spring at least  before that happens.

The mirror is down, wrapped in towels and in the attic. My new rule about the attic and other storage “dumps” is that whenever I put something away in an area like that I have to pull at least 3x as many pieces out and get rid of them. Did that.

We went to the dump. Came back, I started clearing the  couch so DH could work on the curtain rod. Then went and made chicken veggie soup, came back, finished the cleaning, ate dinner, DH got the curtain rod & curtain up. The asst. clothes that had been heaped on the bed are now on the couch, but wtf, it’s progress!

The wall has been spackled where the anchors for the old mirror were. The paper cut outs are in the approx. position the new mirrors will go — tomorrow. Then I have to get rid of about 4 more boxes of books, well, 8? and then the bedroom might begin to look like I have in mind. Still to do: move the bed, paint the room and dressers, get the other curtain rod/curtain up and figure out wtf we’ll do with the dresser, make the valances and bedspread/pillow covers.

My old idea about the dresser won’t work with DH’s hobby taking 1/2 the living room space, so . . . . we’ll punt. I just don’t know what the answer is yet!

New Changes/New (old) Stuff

Okay. The accounting for the cleaning has gone awry, almost since the beginning of the year. I know where the tracking for the other stuff is, but the every day tracking pages are among the missing. I’m not surprised, it was TOO accountable for my PTSD. However, the 4 things HAVE become a habit and almost every day the dishes get washed, the food gets put away, the toilet gets swished with a brush and the sink gets a wipedown from my soapy hands.

Starting the next phase has gone exactly nowhere, sigh.

On the other hand, there’s progress of a sort. We had always planned a dual-use living room, partly for DH’s hobby use and partly as a living room. We’ve decided to just split the room in 2 and except for some storage, One 1/2 as a living room, and DH gets the other. When we get the excess stuff outta there, that will make life much easier!

I also have a plan for our bedroom, which includes making it smaller, adding a hallway with floor-to-ceiling bookcases. DH is skeptical, I think it will work. We have the new dressers, not in place, but we have them (Jamity’s Mom went with me to get them one day a while ago). Yesterday I bought mirrors to go over them in the “new” bedroom. DH just cleared off the table so I can trace around the mirrors and figure out where I want to hang them. (I’m going to make paper cutouts by tracing around the mirrors. Much easier to figure out placement with brown paper and painter’s tape than wood framed glass and nails!)

The old dresser, I’ve had since kidhood, is fine, attractive and functional, but frankly, I just want something DIFFERENT. Anyway, my plan is to slowly but surely pull, move etc. things over and around the bedroom so when/if this summer I say, “Let’s put a wall there.” DH, who at the moment is skeptical at best if not down right resistant to the idea, will at least entertain the idea. Right now he all but rolls his eyes — it’s another of her weird ideas!

This week, I made rugs from yarn. They’re multicolored, but not the blue of the rugs I wanted to buy. I will make rugs that color too, but I don’t have the yarn now. The rugs cost about $15 each in materials, so both of them together cost us a 1/3 of the price of the  manufactured rugs would ($90). I like spending $30 for two rugs a lot more than $180 + shipping!

When things get a bit more pulled together, I’ll post an image.

In the past few days I’ve sold a metal tin, gave away a piece of office stuff, and sold 4 books, 3 magazines, and there’s 3 books, 1 pair of pants, and a few other items in the swap shop bin too. So it’s happening, just not as fast as I’d like!

Of course, today I bought a refrigerator bin and a few other odds & ends for resale too. So, I suppose the net out is probably around 0 unless I really g0 to town filling the swap shop/donation bins again!

Life is about normal here, you?

I’ve Been Looking for Tools

Along that line, I joined which is a site that lets you pick/choose things and put them in groups.

Okay. I’ve been trying to justify/align/? all of the differing colorways I like. I love certain bright blues/greens/teals, like the rugs, but I also am really fond of Chinese red or black accents and bright colors, as well as creamy sage, light yellow, pale blue — sort of pastel mint colors. The scheme I’ve come up with is to use multiple whites, creams, etc. — pale neutrals and then mix the others in and out as I want.  Polyvore did help me see that I could do that. seemed like the perfect answer for me, as I’m not visual. Except this is one of those weeks where things don’t seem to work. I had a bust of a week at work, nothing seemed to go well, fought with the wordpress software, and now, 15 days after I joined polyvore, the piece I’d spent an hour or more making a few days ago is gone — and I can’t seem to find the pieces I used to make it either.


 I think I’ll just stay home and quietly work on house projects. I have some things I have to do for work. Beyond that? I’ll just keep working on my planned future home, vegetable garden and the memoir. Putter. That’s what I’m going to do, putter. It may be the only thing I can do really well right now!