So . . . .

Happy New Year!

Bad year last year for me: gave up on counting the out stuff, lost our cat. Got stuck around the time I gave up counting and only started getting rid of stuff again a few weeks ago.

What happened? I panicked. The major reason that my hoarding hadn’t gotten controlled or taken care of before was panic. I panicked at the idea of getting rid of so many things. I panicked at the idea that I was doing it with an audience. And, as usual, I found a “reason” and just shut down.

Months went by and the low stress cleaning idea emerged. That seemed to work for a while, then stopped when I got to phase 2. What happened? I panicked again for much the same reason.

But there is progress and there is a difference between the two occurances.

The first time I did what I’ve always done: I panicked and the house got WORSE. I found some reason to create new messes and keep them that way long enough that I could “forget” them. And life went on, like it always had.

The second time with its emphasis on trying to make some chores into habits rather than something I had to think about? Well, phase 1 of that worked. The four daily things are still getting done. Even when I notice and panic and drop it for a while, I pick it up again in a day or so.

My house isn’t uncluttered, but there IS less stuff here than there was a year ago AND it’s cleaner and more the change seems to be permanent. It may not be 12.000+ items out, but I’ll take it!



One response to “So . . . .

  1. Happy, happy new year’s!!! 😀

    Have an beautiful day and new year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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