Coconut Bar Soap? Liquid Dish Soap?

Okay, it isn’t that we use so much soap that I can’t buy it. But the older I get the more scent and chemical sensitive I’ve become. I used to be impervious to various chemicals,  I thought. So I was careless rather than careful, and I’m paying for my youthful indiscretions now — I’m real sensitive.

For years accordingly, I’ve been paring down the cleaning products I use. Last year my big breakthrough was to replace mineral oil which I used to polish wood with the cheapest coconut oil I can find. It works great and I’m not sensitive to it, and I was starting to be with the mineral oil.

My next project is soap. We don’t buy bar soaps and haven’t for years. I get 2 lb blocks of melt & pour soap base, DH cuts it up, and we use that. We use about 1 lb of soap bars yearly, so a 2 lb block provides us with 2 years worth of soap.

My latest idea is to combine the soap base and coconut oil? The bar soap base is drying if I wash my hands a lot during the day. I’m also exploring the idea of melting and diluting the base to make liquid dish soap — the soap we use most.

I found and modified a recipe — we’ll see how it goes!



3 responses to “Coconut Bar Soap? Liquid Dish Soap?

  1. Yes, do let us know if it works. I like making soap, use Suzanne’s crockpot method (from Chickens in the Road), it’s so fun! Used coconut oil, olive oil and Crisco, so nice a soap. Very gentle, my friend uses it and she has such sensitive skin. I don’t use fragrance.

  2. Will do! Not today, maybe tonight?

  3. The coconut oil added to the soap worked. 😀 I have a new 2 lb block of soap I will probably do it to another batch. Haven’t tried the dish soap recipe yet!

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