Monthly Archives: December 2013

So . . . .

Happy New Year!

Bad year last year for me: gave up on counting the out stuff, lost our cat. Got stuck around the time I gave up counting and only started getting rid of stuff again a few weeks ago.

What happened? I panicked. The major reason that my hoarding hadn’t gotten controlled or taken care of before was panic. I panicked at the idea of getting rid of so many things. I panicked at the idea that I was doing it with an audience. And, as usual, I found a “reason” and just shut down.

Months went by and the low stress cleaning idea emerged. That seemed to work for a while, then stopped when I got to phase 2. What happened? I panicked again for much the same reason.

But there is progress and there is a difference between the two occurances.

The first time I did what I’ve always done: I panicked and the house got WORSE. I found some reason to create new messes and keep them that way long enough that I could “forget” them. And life went on, like it always had.

The second time with its emphasis on trying to make some chores into habits rather than something I had to think about? Well, phase 1 of that worked. The four daily things are still getting done. Even when I notice and panic and drop it for a while, I pick it up again in a day or so.

My house isn’t uncluttered, but there IS less stuff here than there was a year ago AND it’s cleaner and more the change seems to be permanent. It may not be 12.000+ items out, but I’ll take it!


Coconut Bar Soap? Liquid Dish Soap?

Okay, it isn’t that we use so much soap that I can’t buy it. But the older I get the more scent and chemical sensitive I’ve become. I used to be impervious to various chemicals,  I thought. So I was careless rather than careful, and I’m paying for my youthful indiscretions now — I’m real sensitive.

For years accordingly, I’ve been paring down the cleaning products I use. Last year my big breakthrough was to replace mineral oil which I used to polish wood with the cheapest coconut oil I can find. It works great and I’m not sensitive to it, and I was starting to be with the mineral oil.

My next project is soap. We don’t buy bar soaps and haven’t for years. I get 2 lb blocks of melt & pour soap base, DH cuts it up, and we use that. We use about 1 lb of soap bars yearly, so a 2 lb block provides us with 2 years worth of soap.

My latest idea is to combine the soap base and coconut oil? The bar soap base is drying if I wash my hands a lot during the day. I’m also exploring the idea of melting and diluting the base to make liquid dish soap — the soap we use most.

I found and modified a recipe — we’ll see how it goes!


Bring on the Angels!

I’ve been frantically making Christmas stuff, again. I’m not in an ornament exchange this time, but making them up for resale. My camera is among the missing, so unless I can get a friend to take a pic, no image — Sorry!

I’m rather psyched about these as (per usual) I didn’t have a pattern to go by, but made it up as I went. Just like the gift tags & cards & other smaller angels and dangling flower ornaments I’d made before — the design is mine.

All year long I’ve been saying to myself that I should get started on making cards & ornaments (Haven’t started cards, I think we’re buying them this year!) Last week I finally got going — too late to make very many!

I have 1 done, 7 partially done and enough supplies to make about 6 more. After that? I think I’m done no matter what.

Happy holidays, whatever you follow!