We’re in the middle of redoing a lot of things in the house. Also, I have NO idea how many things I have purged in the past few months. However, today I went to the dump, and for whatever reason, I counted. 19 books, 44 vintage magazines & newspapers out (Saturday Review and a St. Louis society thing), also a no-good box cutter, 3 plant flat crates (wood).

Waiting to go away are the 2 filing cabinets I emptied earlier this week. That was LOTS of paper. We’ll call it 40 pieces, very conservative, yes? So that’s

19+44+1+3 +40 = 107

pieces out today.

Tomorrow? Who knows?

I have 5 small plastic bags of screws, etc. to go to the metal yard, but that’s Tuesday (the filing cabinets, a sad iron, an old darkroom light are in the pile to go too).

Like I said, Tomorrow? We’ll see what I find to throw away. Maybe nothing — although that doesn’t happen often these days.



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