House Thoughts — What’s new?

Last month we had big changes: a new roof, DH had a major deadline, so did I AND we put the cat we’d had for nearly 20 years to sleep.

This month is shaping up to be almost as remarkable! I seem to have acquired a job, or two — which will make life  intersting!

We found a “sample” of a fancy door at a mill yard. It’s a door that’s no longer made, so we got it for dead cheap. Our sills are deeper than a normal frame house, just to start with. The issues have gone on from there. We bought new locks, hardware, a sill kit, templates, etc.

As usual, the house had some surprises for us. When the side trim was removed, the electrical feed for that side of the house and the exterior light was a mess. Completely scarey! (You could see solder. You shouldn’t be able to see solder!)

That got fixed almost immediately. This weekend is the new door installation, we hope. It’s getting cold here in the Northeast! Not having a functional front door is not really optional.

In the past two years we’ve replaced the sills, the main roof, and now the front door. Windows next? I’d like to finish the unfinished floor, but that requires ventilation and winter again isn’t the best time for those types of projects.

We’re also getting a new entry cover at some point soon . Not sure exactly when. It will be delivered and installed when the fellow finishes it.

Next? Windows maybe or the punch list for the kitchen teardown and redo. I really, really want to take down that impractical 30 square foot kitchen counter of mine! We need to move plumbing and get some electrical work done and we’re not sure we can afford to do it all at once — it depends on how much the electrician and plumber are going to be.?

My idea is that we hire our friend the contractor to write us up a punch list, a plan, so we know what has to happen, in what order. Then, if we have to stretch out the job we’ll know exactly what has to happen next instead of being stalled and having no clue!

I have stuff to go clean and carrots to dig.

Stay warm!



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