Waterless Cooker

A while back, I acquired a waterless cooker. Don’t know what a waterless cooker is? They’re a clamping stew pot inside which sits a rack and smaller pots on that. You brown the meat in the bottom of the big pan, add the rack, then put veggies in the smaller pots. Turn down the heat and wait for an hour or so — then dinner is done!

I think I paid $6 for the entire rig along with a camping set at a thrift shop. I have no use for the camping set, but had acquired a waterless cooker cook book a few months back and so determined to try it.

I had a package of skinned, boneless chicken thighs that were discounted at the market last week — perfect! Melted 2 pats of butter (could have used just 1) browned the meat, seasoned it with a rub mix I have, added the rack and one empty veggie pot. Added cut up red potatoes to a 2nd and held onto the 3rd ( frozen mixed corn/peas) in the fridge until about 20 mins before I figured it was “done.”

The corn/peas could have been a bit hotter, but better a bit cold than over cooked! The potatoes were perfect and the meat was yummy. We counted this “experiment” a success.

Yes, this is an old pot. Yes, it’s aluminum. But you know? It was $6. If I use it only during the winter and power outages (a whole meal without the oven and dirtying up every pot– yeah!) this winter only, I’d say it was worth it. After that? If we’re still as enthusiastic about “waterless cooking” I *might* go buy a brand-new stainless job for $60 or more — maybe.


2 responses to “Waterless Cooker

  1. So, you don’t use any water at all? I’m going to have to look into this! Your dinner sounds great!

    • No water. Used 2 pats butter, an unknown amount of rub mix (I sprinkled it on top of the browned chicken) and that was it. The rest of the stuff cooked in either their own juices or steam from the rest of it. I’ll email you a link to an ebay auction with something close to what I’ve got. Most of the old ones on Ebay seem to be missing the rack and the smaller pans.

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