Necessary Fall Chores

Columbus Day here is the “end” of summer, or, if you’re in a tourist-based business, it’s the end of the tourist, leaf-peeper, summer people season. ( I was for years.)

What I was supposed to be doing on Columbus Day was hauling a commercial van’s worth of books to a bookstore in Maine. Which ain’t gonna happen, at least not any time soon.

What I did was some of the outstanding chores: I transplanted bulbs & strawberries, moved a little gravel, etc. There’s still HUGE quantities of fall-based chores, and of course the house-based chores as well. I deep cleaned the bathroom yesterday. Deep cleaned the hallway today.

We bought a new front door, it’s beautiful and I’m glad we’ve got it! The guy who put on our roof is going to probably build us a new entry shelter, and the doorway was the next “to do” item. We need a new threshold, door frame, etc.

I’m working on the house, we’ll see if I can keep up the go through a room every day for the next few days? The “fallout” from the hall and bathroom is now cluttering up our bedroom, bigtime. THAT’S tomorrow’s agenda (along with the staircase), aside from going to the dump.

The chore list/surface cleaning thing doesn’t do well with seasonal stuff, yet. I have a l0t more work to do to get it to a form where I really don’t have to think about it.

I belong to a “daily” website. You pick tracks and do one thing a day. I was in the clutter one a while back. Almost all the organizational and decluttering things they wanted me to do, I’d already done, and had been doing for some time. Currently, I”m in an organizational track. Either it doesn’t really pertain because I don’t work for anyone else, or it’s something I already do, or it just doesn’t apply.

My conclusion? I am organized enough, I absolutely can declutter and purge stuff. I just have TOO MUCH stuff in this house! So, this week and next, my job is to try and change that.

I don’t know if I’ll make it, or not, but it’s a goal. And I’ve got to have a goal or I just don’t get things done.

Happy October everyone!


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