More culling and Other Such

I’ve sold a tin bathtub, 2 books, a bunch of linen, a bookcase (did I note that here yet?) and a few other pieces. I have a trunk/desk thingy in the car to go tomorrow to the antique booth on the way to Ikea.

My plans for Ikea are to buy knife racks and curtains — nothing exciting or expensive! The knife racks are for my new spice rack, which if it works as I hope will free up an entire small cabinet.

My plan is to see if DH can get the pullout trash can in the cabinet which currently houses the spices. If so, then I’ll have more space under the sink. If not? I’ll pull some of the smaller stuff from the pantry. The spices will go on the bottom of a hanging cabinet. Where they are now is  a small bottom one. It can be rather inconvenient to get something!

Also, I bought paint for the dressers with, or just stuff or my office, or . . . This presupposes a few things: 1) I have the weather and space to move furniture around (it’s better but the house is by no means “open” yet) 2)DH & I like the paint I bought,  I can get more before it gets too cold to paint,  3) The project I have in mind as my “sample” isn’t a disaster.

Yesterday I was gone all day doing a flea market, the last of the season. I took the laundry room rug with me to work on it and had someone offer to buy it on the spot much to my surprise! I turned her down and was kind of shocked. The rug got a lot of interest  both from other sellers as well as customers, so maybe making rugs for sale is a possible future trend? First I want to get this one FINISHED. Then I have a few to make for others. After that? We’ll see.

I do have a bright orange shirt and a bright green one set aside to try and make a “pumpkin” with. Also have some black to add a face. Don’t know if my idea will work for this, but I’ll try.

Finally, we’re still eating down the pantry and freezer stores. I really want another chest freezer (had one when we got here). It’s on the list, after a lot of other things which have to happen first!

It’s fall, which always happens too soon. Got wood to stack, to finish cleaning out the shed, etc. etc. etc. It’s the mad rush of fall, the busiest time of year for me! If/when I get my low stress planning thing done, hopefully there won’t be any more mad rushes — hopefully.

P.S. Given my history with spammers, this blog’s title will no doubt generate a whole swath of people telling me I’ve written an informative article that should get more readers and to do this I might want to do x or y or z.  I’ll post here how many I get. I wish I could figure out the criteria they use to determine what blogs to send spam to, I’d make sure never to do whatever it is!

P.S.2 I found the missing organization notebook! (Amazing what happens when you get  to the bottom box, isn’t it?)


Update: the spice rack as I envisioned won’t work, or it would work for me, but not my DH. It’s in the way (for him) of the coffee making supplies, and he makes most of the coffee, so that’s out. We’ve talked about doing it under the other cabinet, but it’s a small one and the knife racks won’t fit, sigh. The other cabinet where it might fit currently has the pot lids, so that’s out. Back to the drawing board!


2 responses to “More culling and Other Such

  1. LOL! Finding the notebook on organization at the bottom of a box! Love it.
    What kind of rug are you making? Is it on a loom? I’m working on a rag rug right now on a loom that I made! It’s the first one I’ve tried. I’m finding color planning a little challenging. J

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