More Data and Food

I was curious, what specifically was I short? I did the math.

The tally doesn’t make it look so bad! Yes, I am short on 60% of the items, but that also means I was over or hit my target 40%. And I apparently like cleaning doors!

19 floors, 7 windows short, 2 ceilings short 27 pcs short

0 walls, did the allocated amount

8 more doors than the allocated amount

We had ham steaks and pumpkin soup with sage last night for dinner. The original recipe called for ham in the soup, but I took it out as you couldn’t really taste it.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon pulling things out of the vegetable garden (my large tomato vine, one trellis’ worth of beans, etc.). But it actually didn’t get that cold, so I could have NOT done this. Oh well, I guess I’m ahead of the game?

I have parsley, tarragon, dill, three kinds of  thyme, peppermint, etc. to deal with today as a result. I bagged up the 5 basil plants, some parsley plants, etc  in leaf bags yesterday and they’re currently in the kitchen, looking a bit like brown craft paper ghosts! The cat thinks they smell interesting, she keeps sniffing at one of the bags.

Anyway, my time culling things yesterday was spent in the garden, not inside.


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