Stuff, more stuff, less stuff, more stuff etc.

Okay. so I went to the big antique store. In addition to the 5 pieces I knew I’d sold, I sold at least 2 rice bowls, 1 book, and a few other odds & ends. I’ll have a check and more exact details later.

I donated 12  books and a bag of bags (10) at a thrift shop today, the ones that had been slated to go to the community sale I didn’t go to on Monday. The pieces that were going to go on consignment today didn’t make it to that thrift shop, it will have to be Friday instead. (+22)

But, of course I bought stuff too. I bought 4 pieces at the antique store: a chicken thing and 3 kilt pins. (-4)

Then I went to the thrift shop down the street and gave them the bag with the sweater in it (+2) but I got a bunch o’ stuff at the same time: a napkin/egg holder, 2 spice jar racks w/ 7 jars, 1 candle holder. Then at the shop where I got rid of the sweater and bag I got 2 plates a 2 piece pot, and 8 kids tshirts. -12

This morning I have been culling stuff, moving things around, cleaning and making decisions: I decided I needed to purge another vase. I moved the new strainer into the box shelves. I have an idea for mounting the pots, both decorative & accessible — we’ll see! Also moved the placemat/tablecloth collection so that it was easier to get to from the table, and rearranged what’s up there that’s decorative/storage so it looks better.

I got the bed liner out of the laundry room and staged to be cleaned (it can’t, unlike what I thought, go in the washer). Put 2 loads of laundry away, started another,

Things have been progessing, slowly but surely.

This a.m. I took a load o’ stuff from the “dump pile” next to the driveway. This is mostly pieces of wood, metal rods, etc. that come out of the shed, etc. and I use to fill in when I’ve got a dump load. There was enough of it that it was a load and I took it by itself. The car is currently full of the regular trash & recycles.

I’m off for load #2 today! I got rid of a decorative box earlier which isn’t in the counts above.


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