Sigh. I’m still doing this! I’m doing it in fits & starts, getting rid of great swaths of stuff and then nothing much for a while.

The no-stress/low-stress cleaning schema works for me, so the house is CLEANER. However, it’s still FULL of stuff. Last week, I for the first time in a long time processed a box of books, one of the box stacks that had reached the ceiling doesn’t now. I need to get the stepladder out, grab the next box and do it again. I have a grocery bag full of books to go away by the front door (they were going to be donated yesterday),  4 more books in the dump bin. I’ve organized and found ways to store the tshirts I’m using to make rugs, and the remaining pieces. But, it’s September, after Labor Day and the house is still full o’ stuff.

It’s 3:30 roughly as I write this. I think I will figure out wtf I’m going to do for dinner and start stuffing the car with things to go away: to the booths or to donate. We’ll probably have dinner in the middle of this effort. But I’m going to go fill the car. It isn’t as big as the house, by any means, but it will hold a lot!

What I’ve done (real time notes):

Clean the trays in the laundry room. Replace the plastic bigger trays with smaller enamel trays that were just hanging around. Unless DH will use them, the 2 large trays are going OUT. Consolidated some pantry storage and found a new spot to store the banana bags in the process. Cleaned the dust bunnies off the laundry room ceiling. The laundry room looks cleaner and tidier. (20 mins to 3:50)

Also out: a cape, a decorative box, 3 placemats, 1 table runner. Used 1 metal tray (now holding what was in the decorative box), 2 basket liners  — in the baskets they were made for. (30 mins to 4:20, includes a break)

I need to go do something else for a bit. I’ve got the laundry all set for the day, and I’ve been working on the laundry room itself.  But the other tasks I set myself today  haven’t been done. I just printed the outline of the memoir, so I’m going to go do that and juice the limes.

First 2 major sections of the memoir edited (1 hour to 5:20). A box of books sorted as well, most of them will be donated tomorrow.

I’ve got dinner started, the limes have been dealt with as well (1 hr 10 mins to 6:30)

That’s all for tonight!


For someone who wanted to stuff the car, I did a remarkably poor job of it! However, I do have a box o’ books to go away as well as other things to take to the booths and/or donate. I just need to keep doing this, over and over again!


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