Plan B or 2.0 or ?

I intended to go to the town celebration 5 miles from here today. They have a white elephant sale, rummage sale, book stall, etc. It’s usuallly a lot of fun and I look forward to it all year.

I didn’t go.

Yesterday my knee started acting up a little again. It’s been pain free for most of a week, a  blessing after FOUR MONTHS of continual pain. There’s not a single thing we need badly enough, whether I could make a lot of money reselling it,or not, that’s worth another four months of pain.

Also, it was pouring when I needed to leave — so I would have been in pain and probably soaking wet too. For stuff? No thanks!

I made a quiche and cobbler for brunch. We sat down and ate, a rarity for Monday. The kitchen is mostly clean, the table has been cleared, and I’m off to go start another load of laundry. Mundane chores, but satisfying.

Let’s have a stupendous month!


2 responses to “Plan B or 2.0 or ?

  1. What? Are we living parallel lives!? 🙂 Much the same for me this weekend…knee is killing me and thus the annual arts fair was put on the back burner. Didn’t make lunch though. Yes, agreed…let’s have a fabulous month!!!

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