New & Different

I left here with a mission the other day:  to get rid of stuff!

I took books to the bookstore to sell, sold 2. Went to another bookstore, traded 2 and bought 2. Went to the market & put 6 books in the donation bin. If you’re keeping up that’s 8 out. Then I went to one of the antique booths and left 3 for sale. Sold a rattan case. Also swapped out a display at one store and slightly rearranged things in the other. More to do, more to do!

The following few days, everywhere I went, all of my favorite church shops, etc. were having sales. I bought a LOT of stuff, but put it in the booths ASAP. I don’t think I bought anything for the house at all except maybe shirts for the rugs.

Since then, I’ve sold another book to the bookstore, a book case, a vase, donated about 25 books, cataloged another box to go on the spinner, etc. It’s Labor Day weekend, and I wanted to be moving my bedroom around/painting it now, not just the same old, same old, sigh.

The 2nd household rug has now been designated for the laundry room, needs to be the biggest rug I’ve made. That’s being worked on.

I have a plan for the cleanup/prep of the memoir file so that I can deliver it in TWO WEEKS

Have emails out to the other paritcipants about a promotional event maybe for the current product.

Have started clearing out the corner of the kitchen so I can use the big kitchen table for the rug, but also, it’s the next large piece slated to be sold.

We’re waiting on the schedule for the roof, there’s been a glitch for the contractor.

I’ve got an entire egg box of books that I’m processing today to go out to the shop where I’m selling paperbacks, got maybe 12 left to do for that effort. They’ll go out, I’ll put an ad in craigslist and if they don’t sell, next week they get donated. I don’t have time to keep things around anymore!

Same song, slightly different dance —

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