Fishing Stars Out of the Grass and Other Unexpected Events

I’ve been working on finishing things, using what I’ve got and trying to get organized. So…..

I’ve been spray painting the LARGE collection of tins  bought to organize various bits & pieces. I’d always intended to paint them so they would be functional and look good. I’ve got too many of them, of course.

They look great! Being me, I’ve been storing things in them, since I don’t see any point in storing them empty?

Yesterday,  carrying a stack of tins across the lawn to the makeshift table where I’m painting — I tripped. The tin that popped open happened to contain fairies/angels in the making. Including the gold stars I use for fairy wands.

I wound up, for an HOUR (!) trying to find tiny mylar stars in the grass. If I knew I could just buy more, I would have left them as a puzzle for future archeologists. (I left a patch of them, the mosquitoes were just too fierce!) But I don’t know if I can buy more, so I spent the time picking them out of the grass.

Today, I picked up a few more.

We have a Sunday breakfast tradition: pancakes or waffles which DH makes.  It was so beautiful outside, we decided to cart the food out to the lawn and eat there. An overturned galvanized bucket is our usual temporary table. DH brought out food, I’d moved the chairs into the shade. He sat down. I sat down . . .

and screamed!

Unknown to us, a bee hive had been built,  in the lawn, probably in an old chipmunk den, and I’d moved my chair and left foot almost on top of it!

foot just swellingswollen foot3

After a bit we found the hive and managed to retrieve breakfast and ate indoors. DH grabbed the can of stinging insect spray we had, and put it on top of the snow blower shelter before we ate.

When we went out again, me to take the second pic of my poor feet and so he could spray the hive, he realized  he’d put the can of stuff almost right on top of a actively being built wasp’s nest!

snowblower shelter wasp2

We managed to get the can without disturbing the wasps, DH tried to use it on the hive, but the stuff just dribbled out. He’s allergic to stinging insects, so we can’t leave either the wasp nest or the hive.

I started to itch. Then I had hives everywhere, my foot was swelling and redder. I’d taken an over the counter allergy medicine, but apparently needed more. Rather than just pop pills indiscriminately, we wound up in the emergency room. (There isn’t a walk-in clinic less than about an hour from here.)

They gave me more meds and after a while we left. Got allergy drugs  and came home. I slept the rest of the day.

So today was eventful, but not very productive!


3 responses to “Fishing Stars Out of the Grass and Other Unexpected Events

  1. ow ow ow ow! Bees and wasps creep me out. I had a nest of yellowjackets under the pool pump and every time I’d clean out the pot, I’d flood the nest and they would go crazy. I’m afraid to get stung again because of escalating allergies….I hope you both are OK!!

  2. DH wasn’t stung thank God. The wasp nest has been abandoned and the chipmunk hole/hive has been sprayed, with new spray, twice. Hopefully, that will do the trick. Maybe the queen will just move whatever remains of her colony, that’s my hope. I just don’t want them in the middle of my lawn!

  3. 1)I found a container of the stars yesterday when I was tranferring things into the painted tins — future archeologists are welcome to whatever is left in the lawn!

    2)DH went and bought some more long-range spray (we still had both bees & wasps late Sunday). He also looked up advice on the net, which said to do the deed at night when they’re less active and fill th holes with dirt. No dirt handy, but the clean out from the BBQ was there, so he used the cold ashes.

    3)I’m better and I’m not. I can tell when the allergy meds wear off, I start to itch, or at least that was true all day yesterday, so I’ve still got toxins in my system, sigh..

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