Cleaning Underway, Clutter . . . ?

isn’t covered by my cleaning scheme — on purpose. I know I have problems with clutter/stuff removal, so I didn’t include it, as I knew it would sabotage the effort at the beginning.

I managed to find a way to approach cleaning the house such that it doesn’t create guilt or stress. I wonder if I can do the same with the clutter? I don’t really need or want all this stuff. I can’t store it forever, can’t use what I’ve got because I can’t find it, and it’s in the way.

So, what to do?

What I’m doing with the cleaning is dividing the job into component pieces and then figuring how much minimally I want to do in a week say. I’ve been doing some of that. I sold my first paperback last week at the new booth. All of a sudden, I’m cataloging books for the spinner again. Not many, but since I hadn’t done ANY for quite some time, it counts.

I have three customers looking for collectible books, which has helped too. I might be able to sell some of the better stuff, instead of simply storing it forever.

And I guess my attitude IS different than it used to be. I went to put a mug away last night after doing the dishes and there wasn’t room. I immediately started thinking, “Okay, do I get rid of this one or another?”

I’ve been working on rug #3 and I have a plan to use up the bits & pieces left over after making the rug yarn, so that all won’t be stored forever either. My attitude is different than it used to be, but it’s not getting done fast enough I guess?


This is an unsolved problem. I’ll work on it!



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