New Cleaning Schedule

is working and it’s not.

It’s working in that I’m not stressed about cleaning. It’s not working in that I’m not doing my daily minimum.

The dishes are the only piece which seem to get done pretty much no matter what else is going on. After that, laundry gets done. Beyond that? I’ve got to cultivate my new habits, still.

I do like my recording system. I like seeing how the events around me change what/how I get done, on paper. And I like not having a “TO DO” list, which always makes my stomach an acid ball.

I’ll work on it. What is it you need 60 days to set a habit? In 60 days it will be October. My “last chance” for the year to do the massive book purge is Columbus Day, the beginning of October. I hope to be done before that!

I can  “feel” the house now without the stuff. I do need to do some more changes: more curtains or blinds, rugs, painting, and moving things around mostly.

I hope I make it!

Oh. The larger antique booth opened last weekend. I’ve already sold enough stuff to pay for the booth for 1 period. The smaller booth has also had more sales than usual and it has generated sales of up to 75% of the monthly rent.

Also, we *finally* have a date for our home improvement loan — yeah! So we’ll have a new roof this winter thank God.

Like I said a couple of posts ago, lots going on!

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