There’s a line

“…my life is changing so fast now. . . .”

There will be a 2nd book. I think I’ve finished the emotional work so the memoir can be done. The new cleaning thing works, but isn’t fool proof (or at least not yet). Our cat (our kid) is probably dying. My family supported me in a completely unexpected way. I found out the abuser’s daughter had died.

Almost all of that has happened in the past month. I am reeling.

I feel as if I had gone through/am going through the aftermath of a major bomb attack — where the dust just hangs in the air for a long time.

Numb, disbelieving, with a wait and see attitude — that’s where I am right now. Which makes sense, at least to me. The pain thing that stopped what two weeks ago? has been a part of my life for over 50 years. Its removal isn’t just BIG but shakes the very foundations.

As I said, it will take a while for the dust to settle.



4 responses to “There’s a line

  1. Sending you hugs and lots of healing light to filter through that dust!

  2. A lot to absorb. Take time, you have been through so much! So sorry about your cat. Hard to lose a friend.

    • She’s eating today. The vet said that she’s likely fading, but she’s still feisty — true. So that’s better! Yesterday she wouldn’t eat, couldn’t walk, it was awful.


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