Okay, maybe I’ve flipped to the other side?

That is, maybe I’m becoming OCD? Wouldn’t that be kind of funny? My dad always said I went from one extreme to the other, then found my center. I mentioned this to DH the other day, who arched an eyebrow at me and said sarcastically, “Oh really?” Obviously, he’s learned that about me as well.

So, what makes me say this? Well, it’s a wax actually. A month or so ago I tried to make hand lotion from 4 simple ingredients, mostly a natural wax and oil. It didn’t work. I had a block of stuff that sat around and didn’t have anything to do with it.  I decided  use it as furniture polish. Why not?

Yesterday I tried it. Part of my weekly list of things to do includes cleaning doors. There’s wooden doors in the house, with wooden trim.  I started using the wax on two of the doors. The wood loved it and so did I. No nasty chemical smell I’m allergic to, no haze to breathe either. [Because I’m short, almost always spraying something means I end up in a cloud of whatever it is as I have to spray whatever above my head.] I ran the block in a line down the panels and rubbed it out. The doors got cleaner, look good, and as I said, NO chemical smell, no cloud to breathe! 😀

I liked that so much I did the three stairs I’d caulked Sunday. That looked great too! Today? Today I did the stringers on those stairs and part of the posts that support the stairs. I still like it.

So I confess: for the past two days I’ve been rubbing my house with wax. This is a post & beam, log house there is a LOT of wood here. It would take me a year or more to go over all the exposed wood and I have no intention of doing so.

But if you’d told me a month ago I’d be rubbing wax into the house, two days in a row I’d have said, “You must be talking about someone else!”

There are worse things I guess, but . . . it’s bizarre!

2 responses to “Okay, maybe I’ve flipped to the other side?

  1. I’m sure it looks great! The wood must be thanking you, haha…

  2. Yeah it does look great, well it looks better anyway.

    Some of the wood the cats used as scratching posts, or its banged up, etc. The wax obviously doesn’t help that a bit. I like this well enough that when I use the block up (3 days or so at the present rate) I’ll make some more. If/when I get the recipe so it works, rather than it’s an accident, I might post it.

    Thanks as always for the encouragement!


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