I have for a week now

done a new cleaning schedule and technique. Haven’t seen it before, or run into anything like it. Most of the cleaning/household books have you do things by room; I’m not.

It still has some tweaking needed, but I’m actually doing this, the house is getting cleaner AND I’m not spending all day at it or overwhelmed, although there’s still just as much stuff here as there was before.

It could be that the new (?) idea isn’t it, but what I’m doing in my psych. work. We’ve apparently finally gotten down to the last bit, and so should be dealt with in a fairly speedy manner. Whether that’s 2 weeks or 5 more years, I don’t know — we’ll see.

But what IS new and different is that the house is getting cleaner and I’m not panicking.

I wonder if it will last?



2 responses to “I have for a week now

  1. That’s a good thing, J. One step at a time… hang in there!

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