Lettuce Soup v 2

Well, this time it’s going to be a cold soup. It’s in the 90’s here, I’m not cooking anything!

I’ve pulled the first batch of peas, and have decided to put celery in that bed. I just have to get to the co-op to get organic celery to plant. (Even if I could grow it from seed, which I’ve never managed, it’s too late in the season.) The first bush beans are producing too, finally.

I’ve given away 2 bags of lettuce to neighbors & friends, I hope they enjoyed it!

Tonight’s soup is based on a soup that I love from a favorite cookbook: 10 Minute Cuisine – by Henrietta Green & M. Moine. Their soup uses 1 lb of spinach, juice of 1 lemon and 2 avocados. What sounds like would otherwise be weak is made substantial by the avocados’ fat content. The spinach is nicely enhanced and countered with the lemon. They also add stock, a few drops of hot sauce, salt and pepper. Washing the spinach, getting everything together and buzzing it takes very little time, as the book’s title implies.

I’m making it with the mixed leaf lettuces that are running amok in the garden. My only quandry about the soup is that much of the lettuce is red, which will make the soup an unattractive brown I’m afraid. The other lettuce soup was pale green and I chopped some of the red lettuce then put it in the bottom of the soup bowls and poured the soup over it. I also garnished the soup with a little minced on top, worked great.

I didn’t have enough green lettuce for the soup, so the red & green lettuces have to be mixed. Oh well. I’m sure it will be yummy, even if it looks more like onion soup than lettuce. (It didn’t, it was green with red flecks, different than normal, but not bad!)

So the soup was: about 1/2-1 lb mixed leaf lettuces, 1 quart stock, juice of 1 lemon, 2 avocados. Clean & chop the lettuces. (Because I was using med. size lettuce from the garden and I intended to buzz the soup, I included all but the toughest stems. When I make the soup with spinach, I always cut off the split ends but use the stems.) Put in a LARGE bowl. Add the stock and lemon juice. Pit the avocados and add the chunked flesh to the bowl as well. Use a stick blender to liquify until the avocados “disappear” and the lettuces are mostly liquified, or just small specks. Serve (if you’re me) with hot sauce salt & pepper.*

*I don’t cook with salt & pepper as my signifiant other likes a LOT more pepper than I do and I like a LOT more salt than he does.

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