Too Much Lettuce and Other Good Things

It has been hot, so the lettuce — ALL of it, is growing like great guns out there. We’ve been eating salads, yes. And I’m pulling plants now, rather than simply cutting off leaves, as the plants are 8-10″ instead of 3-4″.

We had lettuce soup for dinner Monday. I imagine I’ll make lettuce soup base (lettuce simmered in stock) before long for the freezer. The lettuce hasn’t acquired flower stalks yet, but they’ll be there all too soon — and all of the (overplanted) beautiful yummy tender greenery will become bitter compost heap fodder instead.

There actually were a couple of leaves big enough to do wraps with, so those are going in the fridge for Tuesday rather than in the soup. The first bed of peas need to be removed and something else (more lettuce? spinach? radiccho?) planted in that raised bed.

Otherwise, my beefsteak tomato is thriving, the cherry tomato plant is dying for some reason, and one of the squash plants was eaten by the chipmunks (they ate every one last year).

Monday’s dinner of lettuce soup was delicious enough that yes, I’ll make “soup base” to go in the freezer. Can you imagine heating up a block of frozen, buzzed lettuce & stock and making lettuce soup in January? Sounds like watermelon jam, something I keep meaning to make, but we eat the watermelon too quickly! I don’t want to eat watermelon in December, but the idea of watermelon jam – – now that’s another thing altogether!

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