More Long-Term Planning & Bargain Hunting

I find it amusing that I can’t use a menu plan, but I’ve been working out a years’ worth of foods in season, recipes to use the fresh foods on sale, etc. for a long time. I just enjoy the excitement of figuring out dinner on the fly I guess?

Yesterday because of today’s holiday,I made a point of going to the market. I’m really glad I did! I bought $99.01 worth of food for $56.84, 43% off, with 1 coupon. This was NOT extreme couponing, but extreme shopping I guess?

The market was doing a deal, get a coupon for a12 pack of Coke for .99 — if you turn in your “frequent user” card. I did that, but expect to give the Coke to a neighbor, as we don’t drink soda. The Coke was also on sale.

Having paid attention to what the local markets do, I know that just before holidays is one of the cheapest time to find many staples. Yesterday, it was meat and cherries. I got 2 pkg of beef stir fry, 1/2 off (around $1.50 a package). I got 2 natural chickens 1/2 off (about $6 each) and a package of sirloin tips 1/2 off again, about $6. They had BOGO on BBQ, so I took advantage of that too.

The deal I wasn’t expecting, and the one I’m thinking about going back to the market today for, was cherries, at $2.88/lb. Normally $5.99/lb. It still cost me $7+, pricey, but not as insane as usual! [I love cherry preserves . . . .]

I am proud of my deal yesterday, I grabbed all the bargains and stayed in budget — something I was not sure I’d done!

Last night’s dinner was lemon arroz con pollo (lemon chicken & rice). Tonight, if it’s not raining, we’ll probably BBQ beef or some such.

I even got charcoal on a markdown! What more could you ask the day before the 4th of July?

Instead of roasting the chicken last night, I was seriously contemplating cutting both birds up into their component pieces and freezing them that way: backs, breasts, legs and then making up broth from the carcasses, skin, and wings. I didn’t, simply because I don’t have room in the freezer. The beef I bought took what room I had, and I cooked the giblets and froze those, but that’s one tiny bag, not 2 birds’s worth.

Whatever else we have for dinner tonight, we need to eat SOMETHING out of the freezer, there’s just no room in there!


2 responses to “More Long-Term Planning & Bargain Hunting

  1. I never knew that about sales before a holiday, good tip! Happy Fourth of July, J!

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