In order to get where I need to go, I have to be a bit more organized about the effort. To that end, I’ve decided I’m going to try and establish a minimum, something I can do every day, pretty much no matter what else I’m doing.

What I’m doing is this:

  • cleaning the stairs at least once weekly
  • running the vac upstairs on the carpeting every 3 days or so (it takes 5 mins)
  • washing at least one batch of dishes or putting them away if DH washes them
  • doing on average, 1 load of laundry every couple of days and putting the clothes away

All of which is  maintenance and that’s great. But it doesn’t get things CLEANER! So, I need to add something. What I’m adding is:

  • go through 1-5 boxes a week and disposing of at least 1 box of stuff by donation or tossing it
  • clean/reorganize at least one drawer, cabinet or shelf a week.

Yes, this is puny and will mostly take very little time, but it could make slow and steady progress towards my end goal. More detailed planning or concentrated efforts result in a lot of stress and backsliding. I’m hoping that in small enough chunks, I can whittle away at it — without the stress.


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