Progress Report?

Still way too much stuff, but the house is cleaner, so that’s progress!

The vegetable garden is putting food on the table, daily, also progress.

The refi effort has changed a bit, but is still going, more progress.

Things are selling at one antique store. I’ve probably found a space to put a paperback spinner and sell books (something I’ve been trying to find for some time). Again, progress.

This is all true, but I FEEL mired, stuck in place, like I’m spinning my wheels. I guess it’s that I’m still whacking away at the same basic stuff in the same places. The attic, laundry room, kitchen, bath, landing, bedroom are all cleaner and tidier. But nothing is finished.

I want to unfold the rug in the kitchen [done 2016], I want move the furniture, clean the rug, and paint our bedroom. I need to get out of the old storage. And I want to finish tidying the attic. So, yeah, there’s progress in every room of the house, there’s less stuff, it’s cleaner and tidier.

The kitchen or attic are the closest to being done. The attic you can’t see, so I should work on the kitchen. If When I get the kitchen clean enough, we can bring in the 2nd cabinet, currently in the new storage. That will free up that space, and we can fill the space with boxes, etc. from the old storage.

Writing blogs is not something I ever thought I’d do? But I will say that frequently writing this has shown me what the next step should be, as it did just now. And I’d say that’s also progress, I’m using the tools I’ve got to accomplish my goals, and allowing myself to learn new things along the way. If that isn’t progress, what is it?

I’m off!

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