Stored Foods Use — Win!

Okay, frankly we were both beat yesterday AND tired of frozen pizza, we’d had it 2 days in a row while we cleaned the house.

I was poking around trying to figure out wtf to make for dinner last night: I’d bought a box of Bubba steaks on sale for $4, so I decided to use that. The box contained 4 filets wrapped in bacon. Since we don’t NEED the protein, I decided to cook just one, in its pan juices (bacon included). Then I got out a portion of the summer squash I froze not too long ago, and cooked that, with chopped chives (from the garden)  a little sugar and nutmeg. We also had baked potatoes.

We’d had salad for lunch and I would have been glad to use more lettuce with dinner, but by this time, it was pouring rain and I had NO interest in getting soaked!

Dinner was definitely frugal: filet ($1), squash (.79/lb), potatoes (< $1/lb), and chives, free.

This is exactly the kind of frugality I want to cultivate. I’m not interested in eating prefab, plastic food, but I’ll happily buy high-end foods on sale and use those, like most of the ingredients for dinner.

I also harvested garlic scapes (chopped and frozen), probably the last rhubarb of the season (chopped, haven’t decided whether I’m going to use it right now or freeze it?), chives (for chive butter), peppermint (made peppermint syrup)

Because it has been so muggy, we’ve been drinking a lot of raspberry-limeade, mixing the 2 syrups I made not too long ago!

Oh yes, the garden is producing too, not just the perennial bed and lettuces: the peas are finally producing! We’d had 1 pod earlier this week, but yesterday’s lunch, a garden salad, included 6 snow peas.

Of all the blessings there are, summer is among my favorite!


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