June Sales


In June, there are a lot of clothes sales! Dresses, camp clothing, intimates, sleepwear, sportswear, and summerwear (of course) should all be seasonally discounted.
You’ll also find sales on home improvements: fabric, storm windows, floor coverings, building materials and rug cleaning.
Holiday sales in June are for Grads and Dads!


Egg prices may go up at the end of the month (they should also go down again in a couple of months). If you use lots of eggs, you may want to stock up and freeze them! I was always told to separate the eggs and then freeze them for baking/sweet use (with sugar) or for other/savory use (with salt). But there’s another way, you’ll find it here:


There’s a few wonderful and easy sounding recipes for watermelon jam on the ‘net. I can’t imagine anything more decadent than watermelon jam in December! For the past few years, I’ve intended to make some, but haven’t.

I also love watermelon salad, do you? Here’s mine: watermelon, chopped mint, a tiny bit of grated onion and a semi-sweet vinegarette dressing. The contrasts are wonderful! I keep thinking I’ll add some chopped jicama or almonds for crunch — but never have. Do you eat watermelon as it comes or do something like make jam or salad with it?
Here’s a freezer jam recipe for watermelon jam, I mean who wants to COOK in June?


(I love the food.com website. As a resource, it’s just amazing!)


The last of the cheap eggs for a while will be in the markets in Jun. You may want to stock up? [We use so few eggs I don’t bother unless I can get them <= $2 a carton for large eggs. Figs, frozen foods & fresh garlic will be on sale briefly this month too.
Summer produce should be available at reasonable prices: zucchini, summer squash, radishes, peaches, edible podded peas, watermelon, amongst others.


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