I give up

I have been writing the June sales calendar post for a couple of hours now. One hour was doing the original writing. The other has been trying to figure out why WP has suddenly decided that the middle paragrah is 2 point sizes bigger than the first paragraph?

I have created new files. There’s no way in WP to specify font size that I know of, except to select “paragraph” or “header1” etc. I’m ready to throw my coffee cup across the room, so I think I’ll give it a break and get some lunch.


[I finally had to cut/paste the text into a notepad document, then redo the formatting from there, but it worked thankfully!]

2 responses to “I give up

  1. You are much more clever than I am, J! I hate when my programs don’t cooperate! I’m glad you figured it out though.

    • It’s a trick of my husband’s which I remembered while I was eating lunch! He’s had problems with spreadsheets auto formatting data, or not, like I was, and that’s his “fix.” So I tried it, and it (obviously) worked.

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