Sloth & Rebound

Okay, I took the day off. Working on the kneehole of the attic was oppressive. I am NOT used to being in spaces smaller than I am (I’m pretty small.) have dust & vermin scat, both of which I’m allergic to. I was cleaning and crawling around in an icky environment and bumping my head/shoulders a lot. Not fun.

I took the day off yesterday. Right after I got home I washed the day’s accumulation of dishes . And I’d brought dinner home, we had take-out pizza, a budget buster, but once every six months or so isn’t so bad!

So today I have to get back to it.

I’ve done laundry, worked on the attic,  the veggie garden, and the memoir this morning. More to do!

Pulled lunch together (Can’t really say I “made” it, how much work is pulling cold pizza from the fridge and cutting up a watermelon?), worked on the veggie garden (transplanted, marked used seed packets, weeded, watered), pulled more things out of the attic (notebooks, 2 blender jars for a blender we no longer own, etc.)

Started going through the 2nd tier of bookcase boxes. Took everything out, vacuumed the box, sorted books as  I put them back: non-fiction keep, non fiction out, fiction keep, fiction out. Only put the keep books back on the shelves. Pulled out the stuff stored BEHIND the bookcases and am going through it the same way. The keeps go back, the rest comes OUT! I’ll have to go to the booths/storage/thrift shops tomorrow the car will be STUFFED! I didn’t make it to the dump yesterday, so the car will be stuffed this weekend when we go too.


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