The Great Shuffle

Yesterday, I worked in the attic. I realized that if we used the attic space more efficiently that the extra furniture might fit? I’ve been really frustrated about several, long-term and apparently unsolvable issues. I decided to find something ELSE to do, quickly and do it!

I moved the 7′ (yes, I know I almost always have either too many of something or get something that’s HUGE) peg rack from the attic’s back wall to the laundry room. [Sold 2016.]Took down the small peg racks that had been on that wall. Moved the bookcase boxes that had been sticking into the room against the back wall and reshelved the books.

I have the table that’a currently against the wall (something from my childhood home), a bench DH built, two other tables and I bought 2 more not long ago for the attic. They’re to create storage benches, with trunks or boxes on them and under them perpendicular to the side walls,  with bookcase boxes lining the walls, or at least that’s the current plan. It isn’t what I’d want if I could order the universe, I’d have built-ins, drawers & shelves, but buying a rectangular coffee table or bench is cheaper than having built-ins made! And, I already own the benches & coffee tables.

I have a lot of furniture to move, determine its final disposition, etc. in addition to all the books. I know what to do with the books at this point. The furniture I don’t necessarily

Pieces to be moved, sold, donated or used:

2 cabinets                                                                                                                                   1 dining room table
4 dressers: 2 identical (small), 1 double wide, 1 small [given to a family member 2016] it matches the double wide
1 couch
1 folding table
1 stacking bookcase
1 desk

Currently in the kitchen: 1 cabinet, the dining room table                                Currently in bedroom: doublewide dresser                                                      Currently in my office: the other small dresser                                                Currently in the hall: 1 desk   moved to the storage
Currently not in the house: the 2 identical dressers, 1 cabinet, stacking bookcase, folding table. moved within the booth and priced for sale and sold [date?]

The stacking bookcase and folding table are to be sold. In fact the folding table is in the booth being used and just needs to be taken down and priced. Then the stacking bookcase can be put in the booth. Moving these two pieces seems like an obvious first step, as they’re already out of the house.

The most obnoxious problem in the house is the dresser in my office [finally gone 2016] and the desk in the hall [gone some time ago, 2016]. I can’t move either alone. There’s no room to move them or the stuff currently stored in them.

I guess the next step there is for me to clean my office enough that I can find a homes for what’s stored in those pieces and we work on that. If it isn’t raining, that’s what we’ll do. In any case, I can clean the office. The pieces in the dresser, except the broken antique plaster, can be boxed. The plaster needs to be restored and I need to find out where to go for that from the MFA or some such.

Then I can worry about the other stuff!


2 responses to “The Great Shuffle

  1. I’m exhausted just reading this! I hope you get some r&r, j! Sounds like you’re getting a lot done though. Good for you!

    • Thank you! The two small dressers are the ones we went and picked up last year. I still haven’t gotten them painted and in the house. Hopefully, before snowfly!

      How’re you guys? The chickens? The land up north?

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